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We at Hawaiian Tropic Pools take Great Pride in everything that we do. When we say that we provide full service we really mean it. With most companies full service only entails the cleaning of your pool. Our full service also includes a complete 23 point inspection of all your equipment each month. This is vital to maintain the proper functioning of all your equipment by making minor adjustments. We'll also notice when it is time to replace minor parts such as o-rings, baskets etc. that wear out over time. By providing this exceptional service at no additional cost, we are able to drastically reduce the chances for any Major or Costly Repairs.

Our customers have peace of mind knowing they will need fewer repairs than in the past. Since the Fully Trained & Qualified person servicing your pool each week, will check out all your equipment on a weekly basis and fix any minor problems before they become big ones. There is a lot to look for that will go unnoticed to the untrained eye. We see this all the time. Especially the larger companies that send out different service techs each week and their only concern is just cleaning the pool. I personally have serviced many of the same pools every week for over 10 years. You’ll also have a huge advantage by dealing directly with the owner concerning all aspects of your pool.

When the need for any repair may arise, You can rest assured that you will receive the same Top Notch Service. We know your pool inside and out. Since we specialize in all types of repairs, we will be able to provide you with the proper equipment and with the best possible application needed,  Having earned your trust, you will also know that any repair will be done in the most cost effective manner.